build a bond that will last a lifetime

Personalized Training

We want your dog to respect rules in your home and enjoy the freedom of going on adventures with you.

Pack Walks

Group classes, on leash pack walks around the city, and once earned, off leash fun and much more.

Lifetime Support

Upon completion of a class we offer unlimited drop-ins to that level for the life of your dog, as well as invites to pack walks and other social events.


Recent Blog Posts

Toddlers and Puppies

Aren’t they just so cute together? Things to consider if you’re entertaining the idea of bringing a puppy (under 6 months old) into a home with toddlers (under 3 years old) and why I don’t think it’s …

And Put Your Prada’s Away

So you want your teenager to take out the garbage on pick up day? How did you teach that? I started by teaching mine to put their waste in the kitchen garbage, taught them what to recycle, and what to…

The Dog Park

The dog park was created as a safe and legal place to take your dog to so he can run free and be social with his buddies. If the humans are lucky, they can enjoy their Timmies in the company of others…


Proper socialization and training from a young age is so important to creating a grounded dog


Patience is key to earning respect and building a bond with your dog


The pay off is a well educated, well rounded, happy dog!

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