about dogabond

Establishing Dogabond in 2013, Lynne Hind is a canine trainer-educator with over a decade of experience.

Welcome to Dogabond, Toronto’s outdoor training experts.  We train where life happens: outdoors. You and your dog will learn in structured, real life situations. We go beyond basic obedience and teach your dog how to make good choices and trust you as their leader. 

Building a relationship with your dog is key to having a balanced dog. I teach you how to engage your dog, earn their respect and trust, and go places you would have never imagined. Best of all, we have fun doing it.

How do we accomplish this?

I believe in setting boundaries, ensuring dogs have a balance between physical and mental exercise, and are taught fairly how to handle themselves in our busy environment.

I have had a passion for dogs for my whole life, and have spent the last 10+ years working with dogs and educating myself on the canine/human relationship.  The bond that is built with our training is meant for a lifetime. Our dogs know what is expected of them in our urban life, and in exchange we give them the freedom to be dogs.

Dogabond Logo. Established 2013. Real World Training.
Lynne Hind

Training Credentials and Workshops

  • Hustle Up School of Dog Training
  • Injury Prevention and First Aid for Dogs
  • Creating a Calm Dog with Monika Steuler
  • CHRI – Relationship Based Behaviour Modification & Training with Nelson Hodges
  • CHRI – Canine Studies for Behaviour Modification with Nelson Hodges
  • CHRI – Lost Dog Recovery
  • CHRI – Vet Medical – Emergency and Preventative with Dr. Sarah Kaegel
  • CHRI – Course 3 – Human-Canine Psychology with Dr. Christine Koehler and Nelson Hodges
  • Take the Lead to E-Freedom; E-Collar Education and Training School with Karen Laws
  • Advanced Socialization and Dogmanship with Chad Mackin
  • Dogmanship and Problem Solving with Tyler Muto
  • Mastering The Remote Collar with Tyler Muto
  • Play as a Way with Jay Jack
  • Animal Training Academy – Chaotic Canine with Sarah Dixon
  • Chaotic Canine – Advanced Behaviour Solutions with Sarah Dixon

Professional Associations

I am an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), which gives me access to many resources and like-minded professionals across North America.

International Association of Canine Professionals badge

Frequent Questions

What do I need to participate in group classes?

The equipment required to participate in our class is a Martingale or chain slip training collar, a 6′  leash, a 15′ longe line, and a willingness to have fun. We encourage all family members to participate in classes when possible. You should also be aware of the weather conditions and dress appropriately, as we’re on the move and we go rain or shine.

For best results it is essential to complete the homework that is given at each class. If you need a collar or a leash they can be purchased at your first class.

Where are group classes held?

Our group classes are held at various locations around the GTA. Locations are chosen depending on what we are working on and which distractions we want to use for proofing skills.

The classes run for a minimum of 1 hour – rain, shine, or snow.

Can any dog join a group class?

Proper socialization is key to a well educated dog. At Dogabond we welcome all breeds, sizes, and ages of dog into our classes. Whether you have a brand new canine member to your home and are looking to start off with a solid foundation, or you have some issues with your not so new canine family member, our group classes are designed to educate all members.  We learn from each other’s experiences as well as with our own.

If you have doubts about your dogs ability to join a group class, please reach out for a chat.

What is a good age to start training my puppy?

Your puppy is learning from the second they come into your care. In our Puppy Essentials sessions, we teach life skills right away to set you and your puppy up for success.

What is the benefit of private vs group training?

Private sessions are geared to you and your dogs specific needs. They can be scheduled at your convenience, whereas groups run at the same time and day for the duration of the class.

Some clients prefer one or two private sessions before signing up for group class, especially if they feel there are reactivity issues.

Do you come to my home for private sessions?

I like to start private sessions at your home to better assess training needs, with follow up sessions at an outdoor location to allow us to proof learned behaviours.

All ages welcome

Whether you have a brand new puppy that you’d like to start off on the right track, or an older dog that needs some behaviour modification – we have a program or class for you.

Create a bond with your dog

We teach you how to communicate with your dog in their language. You’ll learn how your dog perceives the world, and use this to bring clarity to training.

Be the leader your dog needs

Dogs are pack animals that thrive when there is certainty in their every day. Learn how to be the leader yours needs for a happy and rewarding life.

No distraction is too big

We teach with increasing distractions so your dog learns to make good choices in any situation they are in.