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Lynne is a fantastic person and trainer. Her passion for dog training is blatantly evident, although it’s obvious to me that she is more of a people trainer (and by proxy their dogs). Her dedication to the craft, and for helping build a better relationship between people and their dogs is perhaps only unmatched by her giving nature, and help assisting the ‘Finding Them Homes’ dog rescue organization.

We adopted a dog from Finding Them Homes who was a very high energy dog and (as we came to find out over the years) hyper intelligent as well. She had been returned twice as a result of this (she was only one year when we got her), and we frankly fell in love with her. When adopted, Pipsqueak had mandatory training as a stipulation of her adoption. We not only did the group training with Lynne, but also the individual one on one training with her, and we learned so so so much. Upon completing the training, we were invited to join a facebook group of others from the same alumni, and we can exchange ideas, and requests for assistance there, not to mention we were always welcomed to the regular hikes and training classes at no additional cost (although we would have gladly paid any extra costs as these classes are extremely helpful). So even after the training is done, the support of others that Lynne has imbued with her wisdom as well as Lynne herself can respond and continue to help even as time passes (it’s been 4 or 5 years since we did the training with her and we are still a member of the group).

Lynne still checks in with us from time to time and we share things that we’ve been able to accomplish with Pips, that were deemed ‘impossible’ by the rescue. Her prey drive is enormous. We were told that because of the cats we have that she wouldn’t be able to be homed with us, but i insisted, and provided a closed off portion of the house for the cats to retreat to that she couldn’t get into. Now, I routinely find Pipsqueak sleeping with our cat Toby. Toby will come to her and bunt her snoot from time to time as well.

Because of Lynne’s gracious assistance, excellent knowledge base, and fantastic training techniques, we’ve evolved into a very happy family, with a dog that at first seemed like a bit of a handful, but she has turned into such a wonderful specimen, and a integral part of our family, and quite frankly, I doubt that any of this would have been possible without Lynne. We can’t thank her enough, but I hope that our story will help those on the fence make a decision to put their trust in her, because it was one of the best decisions we made as dog owners.

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