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Lynne is awesome. I recommend her to everyone I meet who asks about training. She’s taught us so much in the 4 months we’ve known her. We contacted her the minute we brought our puppy Marcie home and have been working with her in varying capacities ever since. She has met us in person – individually and in groups, she’s arranged sessions with us on zoom and communicated with us over email when I had questions. We are taking her outdoor basics class right now. Her feedback on our homework has been indispensable, and it’s prompt so we can make the changes right away. It’s working.

She’s worked with me, without judgement on some of my own fears about being a new mom, and shared knowledge about tools and collars, play, socialization and things and situations to do and to avoid. She’s patient and encouraging and treats all dogs and people with respect and equity.

She’s connected us with so many wonderful dog parents and we’ve had the opportunity to share stories, fears, joys and frustrations. We plan on attending her future classes for top ups and attending pack walks so that we can continue to learn from her – our role model and mentor. We can’t imagine what we would do without her guidance and strong knowledge of dog psychology. She knows northern dogs. She knows dogs and she’s never faltered in answering a question for us, or celebrating a milestone or success, or working through a problem. She knows puppy-mom-hood is a big job and she’s so honest and encouraging and fun. What an incredible knowledge and dedicated woman.

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