S Ruddy

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Nevada and I started training with Lynne in 2017.

I love Lynne’s no nonsense approach to training. It’s all outdoors where real life happens. Not only have we taken her basic training classes but also her ecollar classes. The ecollar training opened up a whole new world for us.

Fast forward to today, Nevada and I with our friends Jean and Edgar, just came back from our walk and both dogs were off leash 95% of the time. I am a more confident owner and with Lynne’s help and guidance Nevada and I have a an unbreakable bond. Lynne makes learning fun not only for the owners but for the dogs.

We also participate in pack walks, you never know how big or small the walk will be. It’s amazing how well everyone just falls into place for an enjoyable outting. Nevada and I still drop into Lynne’s classes when we can. Helps us both brush up on our skills.

Lynne is not only an amazing trainer but has become a good friend.